Bamboo Compression Gloves
Bamboo Compression Gloves
Bamboo Compression Gloves
Bamboo Compression Gloves
Bamboo Compression Gloves
Bamboo Compression Gloves
Bamboo Compression Gloves
Bamboo Compression Gloves
Bamboo Compression Gloves

Bamboo Compression Gloves

Bamboo Compression Gloves

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Discover the power of nature with our eco-friendly bamboo compression gloves. Meticulously crafted from premium bamboo fibers, these gloves are designed to provide unparalleled relief from arthritiscarpal tunneltendonitis, and other joint-related discomforts. Experience a snug fit that's gentle on the skin, ensuring comfort for extended wear.

Join countless others who have found not only therapeutic benefits but also an eco-conscious choice that aligns with their values. Imagine a life where joint pain doesn't hold you back, and you can make sustainable choices that matter.
Embrace relief and sustainability today. Get your pair now and feel the difference!

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Experience transformative relief from Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, and nagging joint pain.

Our bamboo compression gloves are your ticket to a life less hindered by discomfort.


Each glove is engineered to promote healthy blood circulation, ensuring that your hands receive the nourishment they need for optimal function.

Designed to be worn for hours without any discomfort.


If you are looking for relief from joint pain without all the medication this is it!

A sustainable natural choice supported by nature and the power of Bamboo.


Regain your independence from hand pain.

Our bamboo compression gloves empower you to embrace daily tasks and joys, free from the chains of Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, and Tendonitis.


Say goodbye to the persistent pins and needles sensation. Our bamboo compression gloves are designed to enhance circulation, letting you reclaim comfort and confidence in every touch.


Sleep soundly without hand discomfort. Our bamboo compression gloves are breathable and snug, making them the perfect nighttime companion to soothe pain and promote healing as you rest.


Material:Bamboo charcoal-infused fabric Soft, breathable, lightweight
Design:Unisex fit, Flexible and contoured
Care:Machine washable, Durable fabric
Colour:Light Gray
Size Options:S, M, L


Are these compression gloves really effective for arthritis/joint pain relief?

Yes, thousands of our customers have found relief from joint pain thanks to our bamboo compression gloves. The precise compression helps increase blood flow and decrease inflammation in the hands. The breathable bamboo fabric makes them comfortable to wear for hours. Our 30-day guarantee allows you to try them risk-free.

How tight should the fit be?

For the best therapeutic effects, the fit should be snug but not tight. They shouldn't leave indentations or cut off circulation when worn. Try the gloves on top of long sleeves in the size that provides compression without pain. Stretch the fabric to test breathability.

Can I wear these under gloves/mittens in winter?

Yes, our lightweight compression gloves can be worn comfortably under winter gloves or mittens. The bamboo fabric wicks moisture to keep hands dry without added bulk. This allows you to stay active outdoors even in colder conditions while still receiving the relief of compression therapy.

Will these gloves help with hand pain from overuse on a keyboard/mouse?

Absolutely. Our gloves are extremely effective for pain related to repetitive stress activities like typing, clicking, and scrolling. The compression therapy boosts circulation to tired hands, while the ergonomic fit supports natural movement. Many customers who work long hours on a computer find relief from tingling, soreness, and stiffness when wearing our gloves throughout the day.

Do you offer bigger sizes for men's hands?

Yes, we currently offer sizes S, M, and L which are generally accommodating for both women and men. However, we are working to expand our size range based on customer demand. In the meantime, for men with larger hands, we suggest trying the size L. The breathable bamboo fabric has flexibility to allow for a comfortable fit in most cases.

Are these gloves machine washable? I have sensitive skin.

Our gloves are made from premium, hypoallergenic bamboo fabric designed to be gentle on sensitive skin. They are machine washable up to 30°C for convenient care. The breathable material helps wick moisture to prevent irritation.

Will they slip around when I'm active?

Our contoured fittings and integrated grips prevent slippage, even during rigorous activities. Many exercisers rely on our gloves to maintain an active lifestyle while receiving therapeutic benefits. Feel secure that they will stay securely in place.

How long until I feel the effects?

Most customers report noticing reduced discomfort within the first few uses as circulation improves. However, for chronic conditions, it can take 2-4 weeks of regular wear to experience full relief due to reduced inflammation. Stick with our program and you're guaranteed to feel rejuvenated hands.

How will these actually 'cure' my arthritis?

Our gloves do not cure arthritis but instead, aggressively manage its root cause of inflammation and impaired circulation. Using them along with a healthy lifestyle can definitely relieve painful flare-ups long-term. We recommend trying for at least 30 days paired with medication as needed to experience all the holistic benefits.

Who Is PandaSoothe?

At PandaSoothe, our mission from the very beginning has been to empower people to live freely from pain using natural, eco-friendly methods. As a small brand started over 3 years ago by people who understood joint discomfort firsthand, we're driven by more than just profits –  we want to make a genuine difference in people's quality of life.

Every element of our process, from manufacturing hypoallergenic fabrics to design, is carefully controlled to ensure maximum comfort, support, and relief for hands. We also stand behind our products with a money-back guarantee and friendly customer support team.

However, what truly sets us apart is our passion for sustainability and community. We craft our compression gloves to soothe not just bodies, but also the Earth that gives us life. 

When you buy from PandaSoothe, you can feel confident you're supporting a socially responsible brand led by empathetic people. One committed to constant innovation, putting health before profits, and making mobility freedom a possibility for all. Join the family and movement today!